We are still emotionally-charged from reading news of this day, but it is imperative to speak. Please forgive errors if any.

1/6/2021 is a saddening day. As the U.S. Capitol was occupied by aggressors, Congress was forced to evacuate and postpone the counting and certification of the 2020 Presidential Election. These aggressors are domestic terrorists.

Today has caused a great deal of political reflection within us all, and has reaffirmed a very important rule of American civil society: we must place God above politics. Politics must never become religious – but the extremes of both sides are to that point, unfortunately. God must come above all, otherwise we will be lost.

Additionally, the Republican Party is fracturing, and fast. It is uncertain what shape its coalition will take tomorrow, but it can be said that members of the party are currently estranged, us included.

Violence is never good. Political violence must never be accepted, otherwise our union will only crash harder from here.

We invite everyone who reads this to pray, study, and prepare for the future. There is no guarantee that freedom will exist in its current state five, ten, or twenty years from now. Freedom can always be lost in one generation. Be skeptical, be wary, and be alert. Work to build the Kingdom of God in all that you do. Then, and only then, will you never be led astray. The eternal perspective is the only one that matters.