A Forgotten Perspective

I haven’t published a single word of writing in quite some time. I have written, but of course it remains locked up where nobody can read it. I think it’s because I have been afraid to publish anything. Whether it’s a fear of criticism or just a general lack of desire to do it, I realize that there is no reward in that. If I want to become a better writer, I have to engage in the entire process – publication included.

            I need to note that I don’t want my writing to always be political. I want it to be inspiring. I want it to be hopeful and uplifting. I want it to be real. I want it to make sense. I want it to be meaningful. I want it to be powerful. This list of desires feels random, but each one of them matters to me.

            Sometimes, I want my writing to just be anything except political. I honestly don’t want to offend anybody with what I write. That is never the goal. Through my writing, I want to give a perspective that is quickly becoming the forgotten one. I am desirous to highlight the beauty that is found in living a righteous life. That is what I believe our world needs to hear right now – how you live plays an important part in how you experience your life, and there is so much good that can come from choices within our control.

            If you are reading this, I want you to know that your life would be better without social media, junk food, drugs, alcohol, pornography, and uncommitted sex outside of marriage. By “better”, I mean that you can experience a greater degree of joy, and you can experience it more often. When you remove instant gratifiers, life becomes more joyful (as counterintuitive as it sounds). You can develop a greater appreciation for simple and universal joys: a hard day’s work, the way a girl’s smile looks, the humor hidden within everyday occurrences, and so much more.

            Living righteously grants a much greater “human” experience, and I know personally how much of a difference it has made in my life. The difficult part is staying on that strait and narrow path consistently and having the courage and humility necessary to get up when you fall short.

            In this life, I want to do my best work. I have been gifted with many great talents that I need to use in order to live up to my full measure. I have gathered the tools necessary to write and write I shall. Thank you for reading what I have written.