AMERICAN BUCKLER, LLC. is an independent publisher with a desire to inform, educate, entertain, motivate, and/or inspire by promoting media (books, essays, articles, videos, apparel, etc.) made by Pro-American authors, writers, and contributors.

AMERICAN BUCKLER, LLC. is dedicated to protecting and upholding the foundational principles of the United States of America intended by the Constitution and its framers. This is the foundation of our political philosophy. Inherently, this means that AMERICAN BUCKLER, LLC. is politically conservative.

AMERICAN BUCKLER, LLC. ultimately desires to see political polarization reduced, but in the short term has determined that American culture, values, and principles are under siege by radical, militant leftists.

AMERICAN BUCKLER, LLC. will, therefore, fight ideologically to preserve the United States of America, its institutions, and its unique culture. We will act in accordance with this principle until the radical aggressors are defeated and American virtue is restored.

AMERICAN BUCKLER, LLC. desires to challenge the dominating leftist narrative currently pervading universities and public schools, as well as the students and ideologues that are produced from a deeply-flawed, self-sabotaging, and fundamentally uncritical education system.

AMERICAN BUCKLER, LLC. promises to provide accurate, honest, and nuanced conservative analyses of political events in a comprehensible and concise manner.

AMERICAN BUCKLER, LLC. is proudly made in the United States of America.

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