We are still emotionally-charged from reading news of this day, but it is imperative to speak. Please forgive errors if any. 1/6/2021 is a saddening day. As the U.S. Capitol was occupied by aggressors, Congress was forced to evacuate and postpone the counting and certification of the 2020 Presidential Election. These aggressors are domestic terrorists.Continue reading “1/6/2021”

A Nation of Virtuous Individuals.

UPDATED 7/6/2020 FOR CLARIFICATION PURPOSES ONLY: This article has flaws. I am not ignorant to that. Continue to point out flaws and challenge them critically and civilly. I know it is possible, because several of my friends have done so. Those are the best kinds of friends. In this article, “Black Lives Matter” refers toContinue reading “A Nation of Virtuous Individuals.”